Based in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Based in Munich, Germany

Puzzle Platformer

Release date:
September 29th, 2021

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Base Price:
14,99 EUR / 17,99 USD / 12,99 GBP


Press contact:
Alexandra Palme

Twitter: @ajugglerstale
Facebook: /ajugglerstale
Instagram: @ajugglerstale
Tiktok: @kaleidoscube

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“A Juggler’s Tale” is an atmospheric 3D sidescroller set in a medieval puppet theater play.

The string puppet Abby flees from her captors into freedom and adventure: a world of beauty and wonder - but also danger! She finds herself in a war-torn, medieval fairytale, surrounded by ravaged, starving citizens and hunted by the relentless cut-throat, Tonda. Who can she trust? Can she avoid the traps and betrayal? Despite dangling from her threads, Abby learns that she can still influence her destiny - if only by winning over the audience.

Help Abby navigate a traumatized, yet hauntingly beautiful world. Lead her forward through riddles and around traps, evade her pursuers and find - perhaps - freedom!


The storyteller and puppeteer Jack shows his audience the theater play of Abby, an imprisoned circus artiste. She escapes the circus and gets to explore a fairytale world, but after a brief moment of freedom finds herself dragged into the dangers this world has to offer: She crosses raging rivers, bandit camps and traps, always accompanied by the lyrical rhymes of Jack's story.
He talks about Abby’s fears and helps her in difficult situations - while holding the strings of his puppet firmly in his ever-helpful hands.

A Juggler’s Tale offers fascinating riddles and intense story moments all around the mystical puppet theatre setting. The strings are not only a visual representation of the strong connection between storyteller and puppet, they are also our main game mechanic, creating lots of unique puzzle moments.

While still in development, "A Juggler's Tale" won the BEST NEWCOMER Award at the German Videogame Award 2019 and won six out of twelve awards at Game Connection Europe 2019, which never happened before.

We want to link modern digital gaming culture with traditional, established theatre and poetry culture. Germany, our home country, can look back on centuries of fairy tales, poetry and drama. We grew up between these tales, legends and worlds - and combining these narratives with our love for story-driven games was our motivation to develop "A Juggler’s Tale".
Therefore, our game is for everyone who wants to dive into a wonderful story - regardless of age, gender or gaming experience.

  • for fans of Little Nightmares, INSIDE or LIMBO
  • a short but compelling story with a surprising turn (around 2 hours of gameplay)
  • beautiful artstyle and an atmospheric soundtrack
  • a unique game setting all around string puppets

Narration Quotes

"The sun's warming beams have long since given way
to clammy slivers of the moon's monochrome rays.
The ground recedes into shadows so black
you can be sure they'll never let you back.
And the stars? Well, they're there... and create a magical mood!
But alas, I suspect Abby's fate leaves them wholly unmoved."

"Oh my! The world- my world! - shows itself from its best side!
The fields, the flowers, the horizon... cast in beautiful light!
The voices pursuing her... they slowly subdue
to wind stroking grass, cricket orchestras... sounds all so new!
The evening sky in streaks of dusk, mirroring your soul,
for the kinship of nature and wild things is devoid of control."


A Juggler's Tale - Announcement Trailer > YouTube
A Juggler's Tale - Release Date Trailer
 > YouTube
A Juggler's Tale - The Journey Begins Soon Trailer
 > YouTube
A Juggler's Tale - Launch Trailer
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Awards & Selections

  • Nominee Animated Games Award Germany 2022 - Stuttgart, May 2022
  • Winner Best Gameworld and Aesthetics, Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2022 - Munich, April 2022
  • Nominee Best Debut, Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2022 - Munich, April 2022
  • Winner Best Game Design, German Developer Award 2021 - Cologne, December 2021
  • Winner Best Visuals, German Developer Award 2021 - Cologne, December 2021
  • Winner Best Story, German Developer Award 2021 - Cologne, December 2021
  • Nominee Best German Game, German Developer Award 2021 - Cologne, December 2021
  • Nominee Best Sound, German Developer Award 2021 - Cologne, December 2021
  • Nominee Best Indie Game, German Developer Award 2021 - Cologne, December 2021
  • Finalist, TOMMI Kindersoftwarepreis - September 2021
  • Finalist, Festival Du Film Fantastique - Strasbourg, September 2021
  • Finalist, Digital Dragons Indie Celebration - March 2021
  • Official Selection, THE GAME AWARDS Festival - December 2021
  • Finalist Best Student Game, IGF Awards - San Francisco, March 2020
  • Epic MegaGrants Recipient - May 2020
  • Winner, third place German Multimediaaward mb21 - November 2020
  • Winner Grand Award, Game Connection Europe - Paris, 29 October 2019
  • Winner Best PC Game, Game Connection Europe - Paris, 29 October 2019
  • Winner Best Storytelling, Game Connection Europe - Paris, 29 October 2019
  • Winner Best Art, Game Connection Europe - Paris, 29 October 2019
  • Winner Best upcoming Game, Game Connection Europe - Paris, 29 October 2019
  • Winner Best casual Game, Game Connection Europe - Paris, 29 October 2019
  • Winner "Newcomer Prototype", German Computer Games Award - Berlin, Germany, 12 March 2019
  • Official Selection Fantoche 2019 - Baden, Switzerland, 3 September 2019
  • Official Selection AventureX 2019 - London, United Kingdom, 2 November 2019

kaleidoscube is a game studio from Southern Germany focussing on games and transmedia formats with a strong focus on atmosphere and narration.
The studio was newly founded during the team’s studies at the "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg". After working on multiple internationally awarded animated shorts and contributing to other game projects and mobile games, "A Juggler's Tale" is kaleidoscube’s first own major video game.

Mixtvision is an award-winning cross-platform publisher based in Munich, Germany.
A dedicated team is working to publish indie games that resonate with players through moving stories and gameplay, inspire thoughts and emotions, and leave a lasting impression.

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